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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

finally i came out wid my first felt design =)

The Retro Pink

love pink heart

ok guys.. previously i did bought few felt from Maycraft in plenty of colours.. for me the price are cheap too! and their shipping only takes a day =) wut a blessed..and i love buying their products.. and found so many buttons too! i am so excited to start crafting my buttons.. i'm on my way to open up my etsy!~ yeay!.. today.. i'm waiting for my new sewing machine.. then i can continue with my new project=)
so here i start with my first collection (not realy neat collection) the retro pink + love pink heart.
Enjoy~.. =D

p/s: kak ja- there are morefelt coming up!=P
yana- lian hope u'll like the buttons ya!


Maya said...

wah! comel2...\
nice presentation too...

Truly Jaja : My Journal said...

wah, comelnya! simple but sweet.lgpun org skang tak suka pakai yg meriah sgt, mcm ni yg just nice.kak ja kan, kalo dah buat sesuatu yg comel tu, rasa sayang je nak bagi/jual kat org, hehe...

Anonymous said...

cute nye..
congrats on opening an etsy shop!

Alviana said...

so cute!!!!
I feel like want to bite them. yummy colours hehe.. good luck with ur shop :)

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