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Thursday, February 12, 2009

items bought! and my injury

alrite guys.. after having my pay day(photography compny)..
and i havent spend the 'payday' yet
to buy my stuffs... =) already bought the japanese linen from karaku for $10 for 10 pieces
fresh cut fabs.. =) haha feel fun collecting all those fabs..
in order to start my crafts sewing!! =)

Karaku are one of those shops that might be one of not really expensive stuffs but cute! =)
before i've been bought the give away sale at the fabricbar.. and yet i did post my comment
at their blogs.. it reached to 100 comments ok!! give it a shot! lucky u to get those free fabs!
hoping for lucky thingy happened tom me instead to win the freeee give away fab! how cute those meowwww japs. fabric! =) soon.. going to open my own etsy shop! will announce it later k?
i'll finish up with the collection first..
my parents are coming tomorow.. so wanted to go to

Daiso.. - buttons
masjid india - 1/2 yard linen is enough
kino - japs wooden stamps
sungai wang - buttons

+ i'm waiting for my felts from maycraft! me and kak ja have a project!
yup i'll finish up the felts buttons..

aren't they so cuteee!! =) wait for mine! =)

thanx kak ja for the buttons! =)
will update the felt buttons soon!!! i'll make the pinky polka dots + buttons first hehe

psst: my finger is broken... i'm wearing aluminium supporter rite now.. =( it's soo pain =(


Afiq Phillip said...

lian, cantiknye linen tu.. io hinggit je?agak2 berapa ek ukuran dia?.... kak ja ni, pakai ID hubby :-P

Anonymous said...

ohoo.. i've created an account at etsy. so kalau lepas ni ajek bising shopping kain, then i'll blame you.

lilstitchy said...

hehehe together2 la kak tuty! =)

Anonymous said...

masjid india for linen half yard? they sell half yard? kedai mana ni. i wanna gooooo...

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