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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

delivery to my customer..

today been busy preparing the fabrics for shipping to my dearest customer Faziah.. hope u'll like it eh? its a bundle of choclatesssssssss and linens! well printes japanese cotton design and plain cotton together with japanese small flower linen and basic linen..wut a combinations.. these are my favouritess fabrics eva!! i can't stop sewing with them! unfortunately the polka dots is out of stocks =( its so diff to find those dots in malaysia... diz is for u faziah! enjoy!~


skin said...

wah! besh nye fabrics tuh weee xsbr nye skin nk beli sendiri.. ngh tggu verification dr ambank lg huk

skin said...

wee yeke?? ktne lian beli? cm besh je yg gamba jam n bunge2 pink.. hoo

Alviana said...

u sell fabrics? may i know how to buy? :)

m@Ri@ said...

kagum ngn kebolehan kamu..sy baru nak belajar psl benda2 ni kreatif ni..huhuh..

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