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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freebie gift tag design for all

hye everyone! do U enjoying my giveaway?? thank you so much for all the responses i recieved.. i am very glad to see more friends.. bloggers.. crafters..=) today, i would like to share something.. how did u make ur craft intresting upon delivery?? besides giving the business card? well, from my browsing through the abroad bloggers, they prefered to wrap their gift with their own GIFT TAG.. some maybe dont know how to do the design..=)

well as for me, designing is just apart of me, since i designed wedding album a lot! we make banner for our Photography and much more.. so! here is the freebie for all of you.. wrap your crafts with Tags! its cute! the above tag is designed by me.. you wanna have it? email me ok? i have the tags in appropriate size.. the above is much more smaller which the pixels are smaller so it is not suite for printing! so come and join me! email me if want it! happy crafting!

email: dearlilstitchy@yahoo.com

lian =D


via said...

kedengaranya bagus amat..lebih lagi kalu di sebutny ada freebie (logat jawo ni lian)....

lilstitchy said...

iya dong kalo dipikirinnya bagus bangat gitu, lantas dititip sih emailnya='p

via said...

wahahahahaha...iya nona...tunggu in aja titioan e-mail nya sowiiiieee (amir raja lawak)

si kurus said...

ewah, lian ni cm tau2 je skin ngh wat tag tehee.. skin br siapkn tag td tuk shop skin wee.. great ideas:)

p/s;lian cpt2 tgk pe skin wat ngn kain lian tehee

lilstitchy said...

hehehe.. tgh xley nak menjhit la skin.. sdey tul.. melambak test =(haaa

Idayu said...

akak nk gak..nti akk email ye.

:: s o l :: said...

bestnye.nak! aduhai..

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