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Thursday, March 19, 2009

mom! thanx for the fabby=P

hehe thanx mom! well due to the excitement i got payday from mummy! hehehe
my mom gave it to my visa as i said i kick out the money.. but 10% onlyhahaha
being wondering.. wut would the best fabby u shud have.. especially for the crafters that
love to do patching and small craft.. and i found this item in etsy! hurm wut great deal..
it is a fat quarter japanese cotton for $4.50 only and of coz! i will look first to the shipping cost.. cheap either! and wut so interesting bout this fabby is that, instead of buying lotsss off single designed fabby.. this fabric have more than 3 designS! so i can do more patching.. one purcHase and i have so many designs on it! of coz its from theheydayshop
think before u buy honey..
trust me.. u'll satisfied! =)

Am i right?? hehehe more patchwork right?=)

thus, its so hard for me to look for those Lettered Fabby in the etsy.. most of the sources i got it from matabi.. he has a great deal in this kind of fabby! love it..

$3.20 (shipping $3.50)- wut a price?? =D

look detail.. its blue! not black printed=)

well i have intend to buy this fabby from him too =P

$4.50 ONLY! (shipping $3.50)- affordable rite??

most of my friends did asked..

" lian where did you get the fabby?"
"lian can u buy for me from the etsy? i have no credit card" =(
"lian, its so expensive la in etsy.."

well dear honey, it's not really that bad, come let lian tell u how it goes..
etsy have a tricks and tips. trust me =)
lian not really that good but maybe i can share sumthing with u guys
from my experience, in etsy u have to grab the items while they are having the giveaway
which u have to know their blog! + etsy seller always having sales during
special occasions like valentines, mother's day, fathers day, even their birthday!
every lil thing bout them! hehehe
and do please have a click at sale item first on the right! =)

sape kate no credit card no etsy??
i am 22 years old.. i'm not afford to that extend to have credit card
+ my mom and daddy didnt want me to pay all the interest!
but yet credit card is important for worlwide use. yup thats rite
but there is a sollutions
debit card is like credit card with VISA
so technically it is a Visa card
wut makes the different is that
we're not using the bank money
but we topup the card with our own money! =)
its just a service charge =)
and lian have one!

have a CLICK HERE and follow the steps!
enjoy ur crafting dear..=)
hope it helps eh? =)

psssttt: there's sumthing in the next entry=P


Idayu said...

Lawa2 kainnya..teringin nak beli kt etsy tp kad debit suami pnye.hihi,nanti kena marah..=)xlehla..

Maya said...

heyy.. ape lah next post tu yer...

Alviana said...

same like me, i use debit card too :)
I'm also bought few fabrics and cant wait for it to arrive! hehehe..
Those patchwork so cute!
and i also like that lettered fabric.
good luck for ur upcoming projects :)

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