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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


HYE EVERYONE.. long time no see..=)
i am sorryyy for the late update..
been busy with the exams.. 3 paper coming up..

ok, here it is, i have few fabrics in my collection, so i was intending to sell some of them.. all fabrics are available ONLY for half yard each! first come first served! ok? so, y wait,??? email me your order.. =) i'll get back with your email, by this friday ok? have fun!

email : dearlilstitchy@yahoo.com

pink dotted - 1/2 yard = RM8 SOLD

pink flower heavy cotton -1/2 yard = RM10

Turqoise heavy cotton - 1/2 yard = RM15
Blue dotted cotton - 1/2 yard = RM8

Red heavy cotton - 1/2 yard =RM15
Plain red cotton - 1/2 yard =RM5


green yellow square - 1/2 yard = RM5
Square pattern - 1/2 yard = RM5
Plain chocolate- 1/2 YARD = RM 4
sold out


maryaaa said...

Hi adik..

I'm interested in the blue dotted and pink dotted... but instead of buying the fabrics, do you think you can make two chequebook holder out of those fabrics? it will look like a clutch or something..if you can make it reversible then i just need one holder, but if it cant be reversed, then two holders please.

email me at izamariam@yahoo.com


My Rayyan said...

aaaaaaaaaaaa lawo2 la lian kain2 ni..pengsan cik kema tgk

sat nak usha purse ahaha

MaMa DhiYYa said...

akak dah email ....wuu wuu wu...
naper dah sold out sumer.. wuu wuu wu..
sedih ni....

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