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Monday, May 18, 2009


been wondering around the etsy.. to find more ideas for my weekly sewing.. last week is not included since i have NO MOOD at all to sew.. even crafting..pardon me bout that.. those hectics kinds of feeling just admitted me to a single the 3t drama ward. terrible, tension, temperred. ok let see we leave that part behind . will we?

the thing is.. owh i loveeee to see patchwork.. did tried before ( but not enough) sumtimes i came up to a failure of patching. but neva mind i still love it.. zakka are the more admireable patchwork designer.. all his stufss was erm..erm.. marvelous.so here are some sorts of those who did came out with a brilliant idea!! really.. the warm touch just make feels so.. urm kind of caalm maybe? =) love to see those.. so here it is.. my tuesday etsy finding =)dear besides craft i am so falling in luv with the home lifestyle.. owh just heart it..ok wel,let see will it be yellow for this week?we'll see urm.. urm.. been thinking bout something.. something big for all.. =)but just stay tune..will u? =)


ibtisamfarah said...

akak beli kat salah satu kedai kat nilai..ehehe..

Idayu said...

apa ye??:)

via said...

Another giveaway ke? tak sabar....

stacy di said...

love the yellow!! really nice finds!

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