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Sunday, May 10, 2009

a pouch for weekends

hello dilloe.. ^,^ how's your weekends?? great?i had a fun weekends! spend my whole weekends packingall the orders and sewing the crafts!! i get so crafty along the weekends wut a great time! feeling much more better though insteadbeing so pressured and feels no life at all during working week daysss.. =)

u miss my craft?? me too!!well i made lots of stuffs for my own use...been thinking to make those from the past few weeksmy makeup + tiny lil thing in my handbag is such a mess!so i decided to make some pouch too.. and my scissors keep on missingso i've made a fabby boxie too! my friends like kak lina n kak ja have tried it outyuppie~ the tutorials from Pink Penguin .. wut a lovely fabby boxes she haveisnt it? hurm wut more? i've been making a small bag for my 'Telekung' so that itsmuch more easier to bring them to the musolla.. and last but not least i've madeanother coaster for my mom again! owh mom u gonna love it! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!

so here is the preview of 1st craft - pouch =)
more? and where are d others?? - hehehe wait and stay tune for more upcoming crafts! =Pme too cant wait to share with all of you! =)happy crafting everyone!


aimila said...

nice pouch..can't wait to see your other stuff. quick larr..

lilstitchy said...

hehehe i will! stay tune eh

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