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Friday, July 10, 2009

friends finding

as promised.. =) i would have an entry for my friend crafts finding.. =) here it is.. =) thank god.. i'm totally recover from my illness thank u for all your prayers and wishes dear lovely friends.. new semester is coming up.. i'll be busy next week.. owh i miss sewing and crafting so mucch..

well let see i havent done the fabric printing yet..but i'm glad and happy to see who had done those! how is it? yummy? =)

i'm back searching, blog hopping, blogging with friends, replying all ur emails, and the fun thing is that, i'm enjoying my time browsing through all ur crafting! really had fun!! all of my friends came out with brilliant ideas!! which somehow i couldnt have imagined to do that! well done friends!!

JC HANDMADE is the TOP of the list! she's just so great in doing her patchwork.. love the way she's having fun with her crafts!

i'm impressed with her neat handcraft.. =) my friend nisha

her tiny lil hand can make tiny lil thing.. with a cute stuffs came out of that =) well done my friend!

wow! kak ja well done ! wut a nice colour and nice craft too .. kak ja will always inspired me..

her neatly done work, cute and nice colour just make me feel so warm!well done kak ja dear..

i admired her patchwork...its neat,nice,fresh and well done!! the play of the colour is wut i called kind of "wut ever" play.. hehehe Since u dun have to really match the colour but enjoy the colourful of the colour would be. =) owh it makes me feels so great!! this is from ...


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