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Friday, July 3, 2009


hye everyone.. it has been a long time isnt it? i was just recover from sickness.. i had fever, flue, sore throat, cough,head ache. bit worry isnt it? but dun worry all ready checked with my doctors.. doc say everything is fine... i think it was due to my journey from work by public! dearly friends, do take care of urself its not safe out there. trust me! well thank you to my sista who did made a post for me.. to my dear valued customer.. i am so sory for the late reply for your email..i'll reply all those soon.. tq for your email.. to my dearest friends.. thank you for ur wishes.. i'm ok rite now.. just having bit caughs rite now... well nothing much done at home.. i manage to do some napkin holder for my mom.. my mom love it. =) how's urs? cant wait to see your crafts too! take care ok? lots of love from me.. miss blogging so much =)miss you guys too! =)

more crafts coming up! stay tune! owh i miss crafting so much! next will be my next finding of crafts from my own friends! stay tune! who knows? might be urs in my blog?!=) love u guys! muaxxx! xoxox0!


mas said...

Waduh waduh....lian ni uda sakit masih sempat sewing lagi ya...take care....

stacy di said...

so glad you're feeling better...welcome back :)

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