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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SORRY...hye yall!

hye sume... sorry for the long... missing....of lian... lama nya xmengadap blog ni =)
thank u for all the emails.. enquiries.. and hye from all my friends!
it is so touched!! tq! tq!!!

i've been so busy with studies and Alhamdulillah right now been launching my new Website and Wedding Planners.... sgt mengujakan.. =) fresh flowers are around lian!! lian is so happy.. Alhamdulillah.... lian ada wat beberapa project baru.. tp xsempat nak amik gmbr.. i will updates later... =)

here are few shot of NewlywedsBigDay and Newlywedsphoto.com

for all my friends here who are interested to experience our Wedding Deco n Shots..

u are most welcome to visit my sites!! =)


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