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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

dear all readers, customers im really sorry

hye hye all.. omg i've been away for such a long time..
yes it is a long time.. im so sory yes its my fault sgt xcommitted dgn keje, order request etc..
im so sorry to the customer.. i gues after this maybe.. lian dah sell fabrics dah =)
mybe i will just update my handmade creations..=) in case berminat ley la email.
this things would be fun kan instead of terkejar sane cni doing all the orders.. im so soryy..
ive been busy with my bridal and wedding photography.. =)

but well lian found great deals for u guys =)...............

finally in malaysia pn we can enjoy having great fabrics! =)

u can visit them!! definitely its soooooo cute!

click here =) they are awesome! and below are those fabrics that they supplied!

=) marvelous in'it??

and im surprise yet happy... those printed fabrics are now in malaysia! great!! so much great!

and wee all this while ive been looking for the button tools.. and they have it! excited!

weeee happy.. now i can start with my new project either! =P


z e r a n a i m said...

bo;eh share..dekat mana u beli "button tool" tu..:)

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