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Monday, February 9, 2009

felt & buttons

remember before? i told u i did brought some felt from maycraft? =) in deed i've recieved them which cost only RM18 + delivery. hurmm well.. spending up lots of my time in kino.. yeay i found cool stuff instead! at the craft section KINO got plenty of japanese craFT stuffss....... and at the end of the row i found buttons!!! its from China! at first i brought my dad's book.. unfortunately the cashier told me to grab anything coz the book got 20% for free items.. (the exact price for the buttons is rm20 each packet)so i did grab the buttons! yeay!!! and gues wut? i found one great shop here in sungai wang... they dont have fabric but they have alllll the stuff for sewing tools! and of course!!!! BUTTONS!! many cute shapes! and it's everywhere!!! OMG..!!! i would drop there more often i think! hehe enjoy my entries! been busy this weekendS!!~~~


Truly Jaja : My Journal said...

lian, kak jaja suka la buttons pink tu.berapa ek harga dekat sana?nak compare dgn yg sini punya..

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