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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

yeay my new shoping store

yiepie yeay! finally i found 1 store here in K.L, Malaysia..

they are selling all those stuff from japan.. so might be i got a chance

to have the tiny stuff!! cant wait to go there!!!!!!!!

its rm5 bargain for all stuff selling! =)

it's at the 2nd floor of the curve~ really cant wait!

and yes, i got a chance to bargain with kak nita (anthemfaric) she's in arizona.. found out
in her shop a bargain sale of Amy Butler Fabric, and Timeless fabric.. + shipping kaknita did gave me the best price. cant wait!!! and i won the bid guys! also for amy butler~=P after diz enough for the collection and i'll begin to sew! yeay!!


Azie said...

hi.. lilstitchy.. i juz found yr blog :-). I've added your blog to mine..

lilstitchy said...

tq kak azie.. just call me lian ok !=)

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