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Sunday, March 8, 2009

award for me

a big thank you for the award from KAK JAJA
i've never been recieved any award and this is the first one..
she's my truly inspired sewing partner.. she's the one that gave me courages
help me lots to start sewing.. everything.. + always shares her knowledge..
tq so much kak jaja... touched by ur comment bout me =P
10 blogs to be nominated by me!
1. Kak Jaja - i think the first nomination should be her.. as she's the one
who helped me lots... everyday its a must to have a click to
her blog..i always love her effort, and of course she's neva lack of
ideas... love her craft! so much!
2.maya - the one that i knew as "up to date blog!!" maya always have her ideas..
great idea! and she's very hard working in finishing her sewing
3.Shambie - she's my truly retro sewing frenz! same like me.. we loveeeeeee retro
4. Skin - Skin?? y skin?? hehe coz she named her blog 'sikurus' = skinny.. but
she's cute.. a very talented girl in sewing.. same age with me .. we loved
punk n retro=P + she's the one that always provide me with tutorial
5. scrapabee - she's a singaporean.. i love her stuffs becoz its alll about LINEN!!
6. iheartlinen - she is my idol....i fell into sewing bcoz of her! thank God!
7. pink penguin - she's a japanese.. i love to see her fabric and the combination
of colours everytime she's started to sew! =)
8.yummygoods - i have that kind of ENVY evrytime i looked at her stash.. u will
9.dalinda - get inspired by her bag! she's really good in bag pattern!!
10. jennalou - an up coming bride to be! i love to see her plan.. outcome and her life! =)
so, congratulations to all the nomineee =)


skin said...

auwww~~~ tenkiu lian! its such an honor to be nominees!! hee lian dh wat dh wallet?

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