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Saturday, March 7, 2009

for those who loves the felt!~

hello all!~ for the time being.. before i finished my craft..

i would like to introduce the felt stocks is now here in Lilstitchy!!~

for those who loves to craft with the felt..

can email me~ choose ur colour!

its available for only RM2.50 each (10"x10" inches)

shipping according to the numbers of felt ordered!~

EMAIL : dearlilstitchy@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

nak nak nakkkkkkkkkkkkk
akak dah e-mail lian yer....

skin said...

wah! it such a coincidence! i dh runs out some felt and cm mls nk g beli kt art friends.. hey do u buy all of this kt sane? heee i'll email u some order:)

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