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Friday, March 27, 2009

fabby again =P

yesterday, i went to buy some fabby for myself and collect the fabby ordered by my customers.. ( kak mas, kak aimilia and kak tini) your fabby is ready.. please check your email ok? =)

alrite then back to the fabby.. yesterday iqah gave a request,, she wanna have handbag made of red and white fabby.. and luckly.. i found those fabric =) hehe iqah, hope u like it ok?i'm having so much fun sewing this weekend... i hope you too =D happy weekends everyone!


♥iqah♥ said...

i dO lOve sO much diz fabby sis.
can't wait tO c my handbag.

Anonymous said...

lian lucky u. i search for white & red fabric macam nak rak.. mana u jumpa ni eh? bleh la share ehh... ;)

butterflutter said...

I also would like to know mana you buy this fabric.

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