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Thursday, March 26, 2009

picnic tote bag ^,^

happy Friday everyone.. =)yeay! its weekend then.. i've been waiting for the weekends every week! hehe so here it is my tote bag.. well i am really 'pretty' satisfied with my sewing , coz i think i'm improving. =)lalalala~ happy for myself..

i get my tote bag a fresh air there! i love the colour and of course never to forget buttons and felt! hehe

and the happy news those who want this tote bag,its available in my shop (http://lilstitchyshop.blogspot.com) then=) hehe enjoy

alrite, enjoy my next entry.. o'owhh ^,^ lian cant stop sewing rite now ! hihi


Alviana said...

lian. it sooooo cute. that's the fabric that i love to buy. too bad it doesnt appropriate to make a garment. happy friday and of course it sewing time!!! *me so happy too* :p

jaja said...

wah..cantik la lian!sweet color!apsal kak ja suka warna2 pastel yg lian guna, tp still guna kaler yg terang2 bila kak ja wat utk diri sendiri? design lian pun tak stereotype, which is very good. way to go my dear!

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