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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

wee my birdie~~

weee~~ hehe previously i did preview to all of u my handmade stamp by mangosteenskin rite?

well yesterday (when i was under pressure with lots of thingy) i spent all my time, doing the felt

wee~ i thought i could never get the same shape done by mysara hehe but i did it! excluding the tiny lines at the bottom of the head.. well, yesterday, sum1 gave me a present..

it's not my birthday or anything.. =) its from pia..

she gave me a book titled : "Life is An Open Secret" have u guys read it?

its a lifetime story of real experience.. i already went through half of the book..

yup~ everything was there..all i've been through before =)

other than my lil birdie i did few more felt crafts ( in d next entry)


mangosteenskin said...

OH! nampak comel!! lian, your stamp dah siap carve, cuma nak pasang mounting je lagik..tak sabarnya nak siapkan...

sakit bahu ni menggendong pending job! adeh!

sori lian.

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