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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

daddy look. its a butterfly..

pernah x tgk cite, 'i am legend' hehehe there i quote.. 'daddy look, its a butterfly'
wee! actly i made this butterfly for a bookmark.. for my own use..
so that i can get my mood when i'm studying... =)
its not much only 3 of 'em
huahuahua.. i am under pressure so much!
doakan lian ok? i'm having my exam on 8th,11,13th-17th
so within that period, i'll not be arround.. for a while...
ok bout the GOOD NEWS, yesterday got an email from Maryam at Bijou Bazar,
she invites me to join 'em for an event usually a craft event btw...
but maryam told me,they gonna be off for april but back on 2nd n 3rd may
i am so excited, been thinking should i go then??
afraid if i've been busy for my work at TV3. (wee~ xsbr nyer!)
happy crafting everyone


MYRA said...

owh wow!! cute nya!!! suka sukaaaa!!! i gila butterfly hehe. love nisa's too

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