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Thursday, March 26, 2009

yeay! got my own stamps!!

tarrra!!!! and here it is.. my very own lilstitchy stamps!and sets stamps for me! =P designed and carving by hand of mysara from mangosteenskin! i am so happy with her works neat and details! love it! tq so much mysara! coz layan my kerenah due to the design hehehe
i love the sets so much!

impressed rite?? me too! cant wait to recieved them all!! yeay!!


mangosteenskin said...

wohooo... wasn't expecting any post for an unfinished job! THANKS SO MUCH Lian!

will contact you again once they're completely done okay?


Anonymous said...

wahhhh lian.. cantik comell akak suka teruja wahhhh wahhhh wahhhh

DeLLa said...

wahh..mana tempah ni..nk jugak

:: s o l :: said...

cantik weih. aku pun teruja lantas bukak terus link tukang buat ni haha. best2 :)

soomi + shanthy said...

huhu,sangat cantik, baru nak mintak quotation. try wat sendirik tapi hancur eraser bar tu daku kerjakan. haha. surrender, serahkan pada yang pakar.

Maya said...


ni jeles ni..

saya dah lama order, tapi mysara tak get back ti me pun lagi... huwaaaaa!!!!!!!

lilstitchy said...

kak lina mysara really not feeling well.. tuh pn die terkejar wat hehe sian die.. email je mysara, she'll get back to u asap.

Aneesah said...

Awww, comelnyeee! :D Baru2 ni minat gak nak try hand-carving stamps, but it's *much* harder than it looks! Will check out her site. (Which, btw... I think ade typo in the link kot? mangosteenskin.)

Paling suka the button and pincushion. ^_^

(And new stalker here. Not sure if I've commented before. :D)

si kurus said...

wah jeles2 hehehe rupenye lian punye hehe

si kurus said...

skin penah wat stamp gne lino. ssh sket.. sbb keras dr eraser.. hoo tp jdk la gk tehee tp xla se-details mysara

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