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Friday, April 17, 2009

done with my exams...

hey everyone.. huah its been soo long didnt updating my blog.. =)hehe i am so sorry
i have just finished my exams ysterday.. i didnt sleep for the whole week! Law Students ...so i think u might imagine, how tough it is... trully it's sooo tiring..really! i havent got any chance to get enough sleep. =( so i'm quite ZzzzZZZ rite now.. lots of crafts to share.. soon i'll upload the entry ok? =) let me have some sleep for a while..for mycustomerss.. who had submitted ur order for the 'FABRIC SALE' u'll recieve the item by next week since i have just finished my exams yesterday..=) tq so much!


Zara~AB said...

sombong giler! sms pun tak! tau ar exam.

Amelia said...

Salam.... Haii....i'm new here. Suka blog ur blog. Very nice.. Hehehe....baru habis exam....huhuhu....student law, byk kena hafal laa yer. Anyway, bule tahu ker amik law kat mana....UITM??

Amelia said...

Alamak....salah tulis laa.....suka ur' blog...hehehe....sori....

jaja said...

dah abis ngan xm ye..lian dah final year kan? wah, tu yg paling best tu! esok start keja kat tv3 .. all d best! kimsalam kat ally iskandar dan wardina kalo jumpa diorang :-P

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