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Sunday, April 19, 2009

tomorrow is the big day ^,^

hey everyone, sorry still haven't got chance to update any crafts for the time being.. i've been busy packing my stuffs... we're moving out! it's sooooooo exhausted! trully


well, tomorrow is the big day.. wish me luck! pray for lian eh...... nervous? yerp. I AM! hehehe

i have to wake up at 5.15am at least.. so that i wont missed the 'supposed to be' train to get there!at the exact time.. gosh my heart beat "dup dap dup dap" tomorow i'm going to step in Legal Department Media Prima Bhd.. huahh =P today, i went for a date with him b4 i get tooooooooo busy working.. so guys i am really sorry if our update running bit slow.. but i promise to give all a cute updates =) stay tune ok?haih cant wait tomorow! =P

hoping that everything is gonna be okay..all the best liyana and my 2 other best friendss! 3 of us


Faihah said...

congrates lian...

si kurus said...

gud luck babe! eh just wondering do u know mardhiah? will be graduating same with u

mangosteenskin said...

all the best lian!

via said...

besh lian...hehehe...wah glamer lah adik sowang ni....congrats lian....good luck yer....pssst kirim salam kat Mr Karam Sing yer ngengenge

mamadhiyya said...

Happy Working n sampaikan salam kat Wardina yek.. ;p

aimila said...

congrats lian. don't forget us!! n don't forget to update ur n3..ngeh..ngeh..ngeh..

Anonymous said...

lian.. check out my first craft project.. :)

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