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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

happy mothers day

HELLO ALL...being soo long lian xupdate crafts kan? havent got chance to sew lately.. now i knew why are most of my friends gets so busy doing their job.its tiring though feel no life at all.. ( getting bored?) honestly yes i am.. =) weee y? i dunnow.. maybe sbb xdpt hold on my sewing machnie lg kot..seriously n honestly.. i didnt feel the life lately ( esp part of enjoyment maybe ) *sighs*pitty me.. =) well.. i am not feeling well today.. hari tuh blk jb my siblings and my mom dmm.. so as ther result got fever when i came back to KLmy mom knowing so ( that my fever would come later)masa blk tuh bukak2 my pouch tgk2 my mom dah letak all medicine insides ( flue, fever, antibiotic, caughs, tonsel)and i text message her " ma ,ma mskkan ubat eh?" mom : "haah ma letak, later mkn ubat, u might caught fever" she's true! i am not feeling well today =( momthank you.. been thinking would anyone manage to take care of me like u did?? hope so ma.. prayformy happiness ma.. love u and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY..

to allmy viewers (mommies) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! u guys did a great job

ok the story is.. lian will have no mood.. if table lian have no mood. since pindah hari tu, my room is so messy!! Baru dpt kemas sket2.. sewing stuffs are just around the table *sighs*bout room? or table? i did browse through IKEA Catalog 2009.. there are so many cool stuffs with great DEAL!! omg.. lian cant go there or i might get sooo POKAI.

i've been inspired by this one lucky or maybe cute or may she's HOT ! really hot.. love her boots lately by ZARA.. wish i could have one! or my sista ZARA maybe u can buy for me 1!??? hehe those are some that inspired me a lots!! from the best and only (MBG)MADE BY GIRL

this is her table.. i'm so in love with the board (wont u?) wut i love the most? its DIY!

this is my favourite =) huhhh that pink makes me sooo *sigh* ( i dunnow wut to say) =)

aren't they simple and cute?? ^,^

look at those table arrangment.. lovely kn? =)

cool board!! i love it!

how fun to have this tub! owhh =)

kak ja, hehe here's the box that i told u.. =) weee hehe
love the middle one =P


jaja said...

owh, mcm tu rupanya... :-P mmg tak pernah buat. alah, kat kedai belambak tu :-P

lilstitchy said...

ala nak kak ja wat hehe

Zara~AB said...

or my sista ZARA maybe u can buy for me 1? --> is that statement referring to me ek? rasanya bukan kan? hahaha. sure orang lain nie! btw, im off for another trip this august kan? tunggu trip tue je lar ek! tak yah nak mintak benda2 lain plak! ngada2!

lilstitchy said...

alaa my dear sis zara.. hehehe haa next trip buy for me 1 or maybe 2 boots la.. u shud c her boots..cool gile! =P

stacy di said...

I can only wish my studio was so tidy and organized! great finds!!

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