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Sunday, May 3, 2009

weekends crafts

yeay my weekends not really full of crafty thingy since lian got a chance to went back home to JB last weekends. feels so good to be home. it has been 2 months.. ok here it is hehe since my office just next to OU.. so lots of lunch hour time i spent in CRAFT HEAVEN ou.. its so much fun!=) and itroducng to u, him! hehehe ( dengan muke sengih2) =P


mangosteenskin said...

wah...kalau lian selalu ke crafthaven...bolehlah mango mintak tolong belikan benda lain kali. hehe.

lilstitchy said...

hehehehe boleh jer mango.. mau kirim ape sih>? =P

pinkyfrog said...

sangat comel your craft..keep a good job dear

pinkyfrog said...

Hi dear, pix tu boleh try sini. http://www.enjoyart.com

pinkyfrog said...

di allposter.com pon ada..kena byk surf la..akak cr by search jek. Hope give you inspiration dear..Take good care.

lilstitchy said...

pinkfrogreally thanks u so much!

Zara~AB said...

hehehe..!!! beshnya dapat balik...im still stucked here in KL.. Bosan!

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