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Friday, May 29, 2009

i've made some art sketch

hye every one.. hows the weekends?? i slept a lil bit late last nite.. the cozzyy of the night overcome my mood to do some sketches... it was fun! been inspired by some of the Art Sketcher..most of them i found them from Madebygirl , Orange, and some browsing from etsy too.. its not an easy things to made it cme out lovely.. perhaps i've made some sketch before draw them upon the card.. i've made it for u too.. those interested can email me.. its just for RM3 per card.. both sides are well designed by my sketch... hope u'll like it.. =)


Nisa said...

cantekk la Liyan (o_o)

Zara~AB said...

saya nak jugak satu, kena bayar gak ke? hahaha. cheh, itupun berkira!

misze said...

lamanyaa tak sketch..rindu plak.. :D

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