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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what for mom?

owhh i miss doing patching...i just fell in love with JC Handmade.. i love her patching so much!

its being a while since my last crafts post isnt it? still havent got chance to jot down anything that i found to be interesting.. busy working.. i have an intention to sew everytime i got back from work.. but.. ouoowhhh its so tirng.. the works is not that overwhelmed but yet i have to travel all the da way from damansara to gombak.. everyday.. so i might think that, the journey was the best part of tiring...ITS A WEDDING season guys..been recieving lots of booking for my Newlyweds Wedding Photography...so i might getting busy from now on... hope i wont lose that tiny lil mood to shoot perhaps..

owh run away a bit from the title.. hurm what for mom? sewing inspired me to make a lotss and lots of thing..been thinking to sew some simple Kitchen Curtain for mom... since she do desperately need one.. perhaps our Fasting Month (Ramadhan) is coming again less than 3 months rite now.. owh how fast the time went by 'emselves.. i've made some plan for the sewing in my scatchbook....my mom is coming over this weekend.. gonna ask her to go n buy some fabric.weee~ ehehe

above as u can see i had skatched a plan for my mom's cushionsss there will be lots of numbers perhaps! =) i've been started to do the snow flower... like below.. wut a great idea of snow mum pilow from Amy Butler Designs.. u can have the pattern of the Amy Butler cushion from here

and i dooo really need to do some patchwork for my 2nd upcoming projects.. for my dear camera.. and my lenses... bags maybe?

an interesting camera strap isnt it?

and their pouches too.. oowh lovely..

u can find it here
or here and here
enjoy ur day... =) and weekends....cant wait to go to ur home of blogging. have a great day every one!

and rite now designing a new layout for lilstitchy~~=) wait it up~!
and sleepy.. best part = TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!


via said...

Baik anak mak sorang ni...

lian said...

hahaha Baik ke kak mas? saje wat tok mama.. nak bg mahal2 xmampu..cukupla buat dier happy tgk handmade.. ma memg ske handmade. =)

Idayu said...

bestnya dpt bg mak.. s puas hati.akk tak sempat pun buat semua tu.huhu

Zara~AB said...

nak lens pouch tue! lian tau my lens size kan? hahahaha.

shambie adzhan said...

owh saya pon tengah plan nak buat lens case, camera strap and camera bag oso.. sian my lenses.. bergolek2 gitu je..

*ceh planning sikit punya banyak, tapi malas :p

im schoo bad, tak reti jaga barang!

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