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Monday, May 11, 2009


hey hey there!! as i promised in the previous entry! here it is! my fabby boxie..i named it.. hurmm lil + box = lilboxie! hihi cute!hehe it doesnt looks really good.. but for now i love it coz i can use it for my sewing toolsthat have been wondering around since i havent got any chance to make them in proper mannerwhen i was moving to a new room earlier.well try it out! its easy! tutorial frommy dearest Ayumi from Pink Penguin! and gues what? i'm falling in love with square pattern fabby!owh not to forget! i did some quilting too! so much fun! see u in the next craft! =)


Anonymous said...

heheh.. another pink penguin tute eh?
have u seen my flickr. i've gone fabric crazy over the weekend. and now my machine plak mogok :(

m@Ri@ said...

wow..menarik..nk kena try gak la..tp tak berbakat seni mcm kamu..takut jd rupa lain plk kang..hehe..

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