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Monday, May 11, 2009

more coaster for my mom! =)

and last but not least for tis weekends entry.. weee~ another coaster for my mom!
this coasters makes me fall in love with da square designed fabric! owh i had so much fun quilting them.. it was so great!! mom i think u gonna love it! hehe as i promised.. choclate in colour!
more and more for u mom..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM! love u ever in my life!muaxx!


tinie said...

hai lian, nak tanya..awak da pos ke color felt tu?thanks

lilstitchy said...

dah kak.. might be today baru diorang pick up.. so maybe by tmrw or wed akak dapat eh

jaja said...

lian, ini memang balas dendam a.k.a 'melantak' punya kraf :-P comelnya coaster tu.. kalo kak ja, misti sayang nak pakai. maklom la, kang hitam plak kena buntut kuali :-P

MaMa DhiYYa said...

aduh.. duh cecantik ngan cutenya Lian
geram nengok..
betul kata kak Ja tuh sayang nak guna
kalak kak Nor buat hiasan dinding jer tuh ;p

stacy di said...

you are so sweet!! what a lucky mom you have...bet she'll love these. love the ribbon, and your color/pattern combos as usual!!

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