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Monday, March 2, 2009

more fabs coming up.. more projects coming up! =)

yeay ! those are in my collections!~ wait for my up coming craft ok??!=)

hey guys.. thanx for your lovely responses to my previous entry,, and thank u soo much for all the orders that i have recieved... ur support just get my spirit growing up by days.. tq so much... yup!~ coming up! more japanese linen pouch,purse, and tote! =) wait for my entry k? =)
i am just finished my wedding photography jobs last weekend.. havent got any chance to sew lately.. being so busy.. but i will!!! =) and i am now so addicted to my own stash.. coz more japanese fabrics had arrived! so in love to see 'em in my collection..=) those above are the fabrics from japan that i bought from KARAKU.. thanx mayomi! =)


Anonymous said...

u do wedding foto?
i pon busy la lately..mood nak menjahit pon hilang kejap..

lilstitchy said...

yups kak lina! really.. sgt busy.. kne ade modd .. ade time.. ngadap mesin jahit... then it would be great!

skin said...

wah!! chumil nye fabrics~~~

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