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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

heee =D dun get mad wif me eh

my japanese patchwork printed fabby

fabby bought at d petaling street

just this evening, i went to KL.. a very crowded KL.. accompany my friend, nisha from feltkey..
she's having a big project to be done.. for her keychain customerss.. well done girl.. =) nisha did text msg me and of coz, i am always ON. hehe.. throughout all stores in Jamek, and Petaling Street we havent found out any of the lobster for the keychain.. OMG it is tiring.. luckly me n nisha loveeeeeeeee to go shopping..

while we were in Petaling Street i found this quite big fabby store.. own by the oldies 'apek'.. HEHE and i found some cute fabby.. well for while.. its not for sale, coz it's lil bit difficult for me to buy the fabby since it's in Petling Street ( which lian sgt tkt to walk in there) hehe i bought the 2 fabby a yard each for a total only RM20 =)weeeeeeee~ cheap rite? have a visit there. u might found more good fabby then =) hehe and my japanese fabby has just arrived.. i think, i have been infected with colours from heather bailey =P well cant help =P and i loveeee so much my fabby =) hehe

and wut a lucky day, we step into SOGO and i heard " HAPPY HOURS! HAPPY HOURS! 2 MINUTES LEFT" OMG! like a flashh zuuup!!~ i ran to the crowd.. its the Novelle Bed Sheets! i quickly grab for my mom.. dunnow y =) i love to buy the household thingy for my mom =) wink* i did grab another bedsheet for me.. but it seems not really good. so i did bought it for my mom ! yeay! its King Size orgnal price of RM199.00 ------------> RM39.80 hehehe mom its for u!


Anasfadilah said...

nice fabric u got there in petaling street

cheap sumore

*envious*(tadelah..gurau je)


Hi! from anasfadilah :)

tika said...

Hi there.. came across your blog..
syoknye shopping~ :-)
Missed KL so much..
bile la nak balik rumah ni~
Just stop by to say hi :-)
I'm new here..

Fatt.Nazz said...

cumel gile la kain petak2 yg kt PS tu...
wahhh..geram tgk....
kaler die pon lawa....
nk g PS tp x berkesempatan...huhu~
nk g sorg2,tkut..ayah kite x bg g sorg2...cuz bhaye kt ctu...

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